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We Are PhysioNutra

Physionutra is the association of several internet Nutra veterans, some with an experience of nearly 20 years!

Whether on the advertiser or the publisher side, our team is very familiar with all the aspects that each side covers. But the advertising side seduced us more and Physionutra was born! That's why with Physionutra you are in the hands of experts who will be able to identify your needs in terms of offers that will best suit your traffic's expectations. Whether it is display, push, email, native... Physionutra will know how to satisfy you!

We think, brainstorm and create the nutra offers that we consider being the most relevant of the moment! Our expertise in this vertical has allowed us to achieve great success and our offers have been / are being distributed by many internet Big players! Mediabuyers, emailing agencies, affiliate platforms, publishers... many are those who trust us, we bet you'll be the next!


Payout Models

At PhysioNutra, you will find the 2 following payout models: CPA (Cost Per Action) and RevShare (Revenue Share).
When promoting our offers, you will be able to choose the payout model you want, or even promote both in parallel.

Cost per Action (CPA)

The Cost Per Action is a payout model that allows the affiliate to receive a fixed commission for every first purchase made by a customer on one of our offers. This commission is called fixed because it does not take into consideration the amount of the order made by the customer. However, if the same customer renews his order, the affiliate will not receive any commission, unlike RevShare.


Revenue Share, or RevShare, is a payout model based on revenue sharing. Specifically, when a customer pays for an order for one of our offers, the affiliate will receive a percentage of that order, based on the tax-free amount of it. A commission received for the first purchase but also for all future purchases made by the same customer (unlike the CPA payout model).

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